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Implementing DST to cron triggered Lambda

The most straightforward way to trigger Lambda function on schedule is to create scheduled Eventbridge Rule. All scheduled events are triggered using UTC +0 time zone. In many use cases that is enough but there are tasks like: Scheduled data loading Backups Environment scans and other “housekeeping tasks” Where working with static UTC +0 is at least little bit annoying. You know how it goes, Lambda task that used to trigger 8:00 local time is one morning triggering 9:00 local time.…
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Debugging failed Eventbridge invocation

When Eventbridge tries to send an event to a target and the delivery fails, by default only way to notice this is from FailedInvocation Cloudwatch Metric. The metric itself is not enough to get the actual reason why the event delivery is failing. In general there are two options to debug FailedInvocaton issues: Debug on the resource level. If your Eventbridge Rule is targeting Lambda function, try to search for failed Lambda invocations from Cloudtrail logs.…
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Paginate with Step Functions

AWS Step Functions AWS SDK integration lets you call huge selection of AWS services directly from your Step Functions workflow. For API calls that can return a large list of items, APIs are returning by default only the first set of results. For example, S3 list objects response returns by default max. 1000 objects. Rest of the results must be requested by providing pagination token on the request. For data processing, pagination is very useful and mandatory pattern.…
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